Saffron strand in bulk

Our work, the team that is part of Azafrán Roumak and above all, the quality of our product, are one of our hallmarks. Professionals of saffron strand in bulk, we have built a recognized reputation in our sector, distributing many of our products to a varied number of countries.

We offer you the best saffron strand in bulk

Among the wide variety of proposals that we offer, is saffron strand in bulk, another way to acquire and enjoy a top quality product, recognized by those who truly appreciate an exclusive product with an unmistakable flavor.

Saffron Roumak was created in 2010 with the aim of offering a top quality product serving anywhere in the world. We have exported to the largest distributors in Europe, Asia, the USA and Canada.

We have a Certificate of Origin of Spanish product, as well as a Certificate of organic product issued by the EU. Saffron Roumak is a Trademark of Import and Export Roumak Spain S.L.

As you can see, we are fully committed to providing customers with the best products at any time. For this, we always have a large stock of product, so that they always have all the saffron they need.

In addition to saffron itself, one of the keys to our success is our work team, professionals with extensive experience and extensive knowledge of the main characteristics that a saffron of the highest quality like ours should have.

We work every day to continue offering an exclusive product, with competitive prices and with a completely verifiable quality. Even the most demanding clients recognize our work and the excellent product that we put at their disposal, which makes us feel completely proud of our saffron and the work we carry out so that it always arrives in the best conditions.